Paddu Raghavan

Product Designer,
Design Strategist &
Lazy Researcher

A self-proclaimed Design philosopher who loves problem identification, lateral problem solving and anything that warrants the use of innovative approaches. I enjoy collaboration, side projects, studying leadership, spirograph, 60s cartoons, snooker, traveling to serene places and spending time with my gorgeous wife. I am also on a mission to accomplish my ideal life of living in an underwater home surrounded by corals and exquisite fishes.

From time to time, I engage on Quora, upload shots to Dribbble and write stuff on Medium.

Selected Work

Course Hero
Course Hero

Leading the Design team, setting design vision, processes and standards at Course Hero. We are aiming to build the best possible user experience for students and educators to master studying and teaching.

Course Hero Mobile App
Course Hero iOS App

Overseeing mobile design by collaborating with mobile designers to build a seamless studying experience for students. Our iOS app was ranked top 6th grossing education app late 2016

Course Hero Android App
Course Hero Android App

Our Android app ranking has been consistent in the top 20 grossing education apps and has an average user rating of 4.4.

Course Hero Brand Design
Course Hero Rebranding

Led the company-wide rebranding by partnering with a well reputed firm CGH. Worked closely with Mackey Saturday and Sagi Haviv to produce unique brand design strategy which is now proving to be a key differentiator.

Hodor Front-end Framework
Hodor Front-end Framework

Hodor is a responsive front-end framework built with flexbox and supports faster front-end development using Hodor command. It uses the LEGO analogy for code modularization and makes front-end fun.

Camera Interactive Simulator
Camera Interactive

An Interactive camera simulator app where users can learn basic photography concepts by choosing camera, lens and shooting pictures in different virtual environments playing with controls and settings.

Flashcards iOS App
Flashcard App Concept

A Flashcards App Concept focused mainly on providing distraction-free learning experience and fun features that will help users master the content. This app concept is a work in progress and link will soon be available.

California Percussion Online Store
California Percussion

As a freelancer, I was responsible for creating and designing an online percussion store using BigCommerce. This challenge helped me learn about consumer psychology and persuasive design.

What's the Scene Brand Identity
What's The Scene

WTS's vision is to build a cohesive, independent and active industry for live music. Their mission is to bridge the gap between musicians, venues and fans .Today it's community has grown more than 30k active followers.

Motion Graphics Experiments on Vimeo
Motion Graphics Experiments

Loved the weekly challenges given by Colin Sebestyen during my Motion Graphics class. Motion Graphics helped me learn to storyboard and be creative within constraints, a great asset for any designer.